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Audi S4 B5 17" Ronal Alloys

S3 Moch Jun 15, 2014

  1. S3 Moch

    S3 Moch Member

    Hi All

    I have a set of 4xS4 B5 17" Ronals. I bought them on Ebay as S3 Alloys! Got two of them refurbished and only found they were wrong when trying to fit them!! Dohh.... Lesson learnt! Check before you buy.

    Anyway, they are up for sale. As mentioned two have been refurbished and have tyres with good tread on them the other two are in need of a refurb and tyres.

    I'm looking for £200, have spent £100 getting the two sorted on top of what I paid in the first place. Am open to sensible offers as dad is now fed up with them being in his garage.....

    They can be collected from the Basingstoke Hants area.

    PM me for pics...Cheers Chris

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