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Audi S3 subframe help

mike-turbo Nov 6, 2009

  1. mike-turbo

    mike-turbo Member

    Hi i have a audi s3 03reg 8l while i was fitting my clutch i noticed my subframe as some damage to it,so i will like to replace it but after buying a clutch and dualmass flywheel funds are getting low so i'm after one so can't buy one from dealer as they are over £200 .so would one off tt or standard a3 fit?or has any one have one for sale?.
  2. chesney

    chesney Member

    I just fitted an s3 subframe to my golf. The basic subframe is the same and you can swap the brace at the bottom over to a golf one.

    I think all subframes A3,S3, TT are the same but the TT convertable has even more bracing.

    I sold on my golf one for £20 !!! Seen a few on ebay going for variety of priced but I just wanted rid of mine so sold it cheap

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