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AUDI s3 starting problems.

Pikerzoli Nov 25, 2013

  1. Pikerzoli

    Pikerzoli New Member

    Hello, i have a 2001 s3 audi, Last wkd i noticed the battery was semi flat and it didnt start my s3, i jumped the car with someone elses and it drove 50 miles without fault however as soon as i turned car off and tried to restart it, the battery was nearly flat. I got the audi jumped again and drove home. Next day i got a new battery and car started fine. Yesterday i drove car again and as soon as i turned off car and tried to restart it, nothing this time!. The engine doesnt turn over, doesnt click either on turnover, all the electrics work though. I tried to bump start it but theres no clicking sound from starting motor so it didnt start. I am used to working on cars but not a audi s3 lol. Anyone got any ideas as to where i should start looking for a fault?. I did notice a burning smell under the bonnet so im expecting a big bill but id like to try afew basics just in case its nothing massive. Help please!.
  2. G60DAN

    G60DAN Member

    Sounds like the starter motor to me have you tried putting jumpers to the starter to see if it works?
  3. GlennP83

    GlennP83 Member

    Sounds like the alternator
  4. Pikerzoli

    Pikerzoli New Member

    Ok. I've have been working on car all day and i think i can see the problem!. Theres a earth wire on the starting motor, mines snapped in half!!!. The car wouldnt jump lead start nor bump though so ill have to replace the starting motor. Is there a guide to remove one?. I had a look and theres alot of pipes and wires ive not seen before underneath lol.
  5. Pikerzoli

    Pikerzoli New Member

  6. newbster

    newbster Active Member


    thats not the earth lead, its the main 12v from the soleniod to the actaul electric motor in the starter

    either way, you need a new starter.

    simple job really, this a guide to changing the clutch, but the starter removal is in here

    diy how to-changing the clutch - uk-mkivs

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