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Audi S3 service question

mmalh0151 Apr 12, 2013

  1. mmalh0151

    mmalh0151 Member

    I have a S3 2007 that requires its 70k service (current mileage is 64k) as previous services were carried out at- 16k, 26k, 37k, 47k and 56k.

    Looking like I need a price for the following...
    Oil change
    Spark plugs and
    Haldex oil change

    Does this sound correct?

    The timing belt, pump and aux belt were changed at 57k in May last year.

    Brake fluid will be getting changed next week as car is booked in for brake servo replacement.

    Fuel filter was also changed at 37k.

    Any advice on what I should change would be excellent.

    I will be calling 4 places for quotes.
    Awesome GTi
    Warrington Audi
    Liverpool Audi
    JVW Leigh


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