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Audi S3 remap/exhaust

DJ-S3 Nov 17, 2011

  1. DJ-S3

    DJ-S3 Active Member

    Hey Guys and Girls,
    just been looking on the search engine but couldn't find a definitive answer about what i want to know...

    I was wondering if a Milltek DP de-cat and the OEM cat back exhaust would be ok to run with a AMD remap? Planning on going to get a remap from them soon and hoped i didn't have to change the OEM cat back exhaust to see inproved gains from the DP.

    Is there any/if much, restrictions in the OEM cat back exhaust?
    Has anyone had any problems with AMD remaps?
    Can they remap the error sign the de-cat will throw up with just a stage1?
    What will happen if i get the emission sign removed with a remap and then fit the cat back in for the mot? Will it throw up another sign? Has/does anyone done this already? Just wanting a section in the exhaust where i can pop the cat back in when the mot is due.

  2. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis Audi S3

    First thing to say is that below Stg3,you don't need a decat,and the hassle alone would make it pointless.

    Stick with the standard Milltek and preferably the whole system if you are planning on further upgrades,and leave decatting it as that can easily be done if you did go to Stg3.

    AMD will give you straightforward and honest advice and I have used them for all of the work done on mine.
  3. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis Audi S3

    Forgot to add...mapping out the error codes with a decat is simple enough but as before,I wouldn't bother below Stg3 or above.

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