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Audi S3 Rear amplified system problems

Adamh_A3Q Apr 2, 2010

  1. Adamh_A3Q

    Adamh_A3Q New Member


    I've not long upgraded to a 2000 X Reg S3 and have noticed that the rear amplified system isnt working, when i brought it i changed all the speakers to the bose ones out of my old quattro so i know there all plugged in correctly. Next i thought the person i brought it off could've had an aftermarket system and put the headunit back in without connecting the plugs in properly, ive had it out and there all in the correct places. next i checked all the connections to the rear sub as its non bose and they were all ok so im not stuck to whats wrong.

    Im gona put in my Panasonic dvd headunit in so im thinking to maybe just wire new cables to the rear speakers but then i still have no sub (not that you'd notice it there) and then maybe go for an Andymac upgrade but wiv only a 2channel amp just to run the sub but this is only a last resort unless i can think find a way to get the rear system working.

    at this point im maybe thinking the amp in the sub box is to fault. anybody got any ideas on what else could be the problem?


    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    i got a spare Audi sub sat about doing nothing if thats any use to you?
    works fine. make me an offer
  3. kaizokuninja

    kaizokuninja Member

    post this in the ICE forum. You'll get a better response i should imagine!
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Firstly you'll run into problems using Bose speakers on a non Bose system. They are 2ohm impedance and will fry both the amp in the HU and the rear amp. As well as probably sounding quite ****.
    Did the rears ever work?
    You need to check the rear/sub amp is getting perm live and also 12v from the HU when switched on.
    Here's the pin out:

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