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Audi S3 Radio Unit Goosed - Help

trannyvan Feb 16, 2010

  1. trannyvan

    trannyvan New Member

    Audi S3 Quattro facelift circa 2002 with standard Audi Symphony radio unit and Bose sytem.

    Some time ago lots of distortion out of left hand channels and bass woofer thumping when turned on. This falttened the battery on several occasions when car left at airport due to days away travelling. Bass woffer thumping stopped of its own accord and no more flat battery issues.
    Still loads of distortion though and simply eft unit off and listened to the engine instead !!

    Now however the darn radio/CD unit will not switch on........but the backlight in the display screen stay permanently on as do all the seection dials and knobs.No amount of bashing shouting key turning on/off switching makes any difference. This is again eating the battery and is a pain.................suggestion most welcome.
    Is there a main fuse to the unit. I am remote and do not have tools, garage or other niceties at hand.

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    There are 2 fuses, one in the fusebox for the permanent live to the HU and one on the back of the HU itself. If the backlight is on then the perm live fuse in the fusebox has to be OK and it will be the fuse on the back that has blown. Sounds like you have a faulty Bose amp judging from what you describe, but also maybe a CANBUS fault as well if the HU is staying on with the keys out. It could be that a previous owner had an aftermarket HU installed badly and you are suffering the consequences. Pull the HU and look out for any butchered wiring, you'll need 2 sets of removal keys. Be very gentle with the keys as you can easily knacker the spring clips and end up with the HU jammed in the dash. Insert the keys with the angled sides facing each other and do NOT pull on the keys, but remove the glvebox and push from behind. When removing the glovebox, if you disconnect the airbag switch do not turn the ignition on wit it disconnected as this will disable the airbags and you'll need VAGCOM to reset it.

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