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Audi s3 oil pressure warning light

whitex8p Aug 14, 2013

  1. whitex8p

    whitex8p Member

    I have done around 2000 miles since i bought my car and twice oil lights came on, its only done it since its been remapped. On the 2nd time the light came on i checked the oil and it was at the minimum mark i have topped it up with castrol since. Do you think its used to much oil within them 2000 miles.. I didn't check the oil level when i bought the car but it was from audi so was sure it would of been topped up to the max mark.
  2. nluk100

    nluk100 Active Member

    Some engines use more oil than others. Is it a high mileage car? How much oil are you putting in each time?

    Also, I assume it not the oil pressure warning light in the instrument binnacle but the oil level warning on the DIS?

    p.s. don't assume anything just cos it was bought off a dealer forecourt!
  3. s3_sid

    s3_sid Active Member

    if it is oil pressure maybe have a look at the oil strainer as i know a lot of audi engines can be prone to sludge build up !
  4. whitex8p

    whitex8p Member

    54,000 miles and i rang audi and they said the oil use is normal for the miles i have covered since i bought the car.
  5. whitex8p

    whitex8p Member

    i got to wait 3 weeks before they can fit me in so going to monitor how it goes. Do you think its worth taking the bluefin map off before i take it in?
  6. ninjakid

    ninjakid Member Team Silver Audi S3

    Well my S3 has done 2.5K over the last two months and has 68K on the clocks, I've not had any oil lights come on at all and Oil levels are normal. Please make sure the Oil pick up pipe is checked, because I had a same kind of issue with my 1.8T GTI and damaged the cylinder head, had to rebuild costin me 2K :keule:
  7. jaydav2306

    jaydav2306 Member

    I think you need to clear is it the Oil Level Warning light or the Oil Pressure Warning, if it's the latter I would get the oil pick up pipe looked at immediately
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