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Audi S3 No boost, Turbo not kicking in?, help please, A3 S3, Audi

doughty29 Dec 9, 2012

  1. doughty29

    doughty29 Member

    hi all,

    i have an audi s3 8L Amk 51reg
    last week i was driving my car and sudenly had no boost, had it all apart and found that the induction pipe was split, i bought a badger5 tip replacement and no luck.
    it is almost as if my car is in limp mode but has only shut off the turbo and not limiting my speed, and without any engine lights on.

    i had a look round all the pipes and made sure everything was tight, then unplugged the battery to reset the car, and it seemed to sort my car, but two minutes later it stopped again.

    Symtoms: my car feels like a naturally asperated car, can only her the turbo a tiny bit, and almost no pressure escaping from the after market dv. (i have checked to see if it is jammed, and its not)

    Things ive done/checked:
    I have scanned the car and no errors come up, and no engine lights. the car has been remaped, but im not sure what remap as it was already done before i bought it.
    I have unplugged the N75 and made no differance.
    I have unplugged the MAP sensor, ran horrible, but no extra power.
    I have unplugged the MAF sensor, made a little differance in extra power, but no where near what it was.
    I have checked the turbo, the turbine seems fine no play at all, and not seized, no cracks on the turbo that i can see.
    when i unplugged the MAF the engine light came on as userall so i dont think it could be the ECU.

    The N249 wires have recently been cut as this is got caught up, the N249 is not being used, i am going to get a 330ohm 10watt resistor and connect it up, and see if that sorts it.

    also could the larger induction hose be messing with my remap?

    could it be my engine mounts?

    Does anyone have any ideas? it would be much appreicated.

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