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audi_s3_2002 Jan 25, 2010

  1. audi_s3_2002

    audi_s3_2002 New Member

    Hi i have an Audi s3 52 plate negoro blue (63000 miles done) which i brought 2 years. I was involved in a accident about a month ago and the the insurance company wants to write off my car because the part are too expensive (around about £3000) and they have offered me £4400 for the car, for its market value. I have also checked around (eBay, piston heads etc) where they have Audi s3's on sale from £7500 to £9000 in the same catory to my car (e.g make, mileage etc) . My insurance also have told that it will cost me £1100 to buy the car back from them which I'm unsure about.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that i want to buy back my car back and get the damages fixed myself.

    damages to my car are :

    front bumper
    front left Tyre
    front left headlight + fog light
    + paint (rare color) and labor

    Any help on what i can do!!!
  2. david_phillips95

    david_phillips95 Member VCDS Map User

    Buy all the parts second hand from breakers and get your local body shop to carry out the repair. What category is the car Cat C or Cat D?? Remember the resale value of a damaged repaired car is always alot less. Cat D normally sell for £1000 less than book price and Cat C usually 30 - 40% less than book price IIRC.

    Cheers Davie
  3. audi_s3_2002

    audi_s3_2002 New Member

    thanks for the reply davie, i think it's cat C, I'm going tomorrow to the garage to check the damage report to the car.

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