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Audi S3 - Facelift / 8P2 conversion

shortfletch11 May 16, 2014

  1. shortfletch11

    shortfletch11 Member

    does anyone know of a link to a thread / build for an S3 facelift conversion. I currently have the 8P1 but love the 8P2 front end with the LED DRL's as oppose to the older look. Also does anyone know a rough cost and of anywhere that can carry out this type of work if I got all the bits together?
  2. DriverN00B

    DriverN00B Active Member

    Do you mean going from the 8P2 to 8P3? What plate is your car on? 3 door or 5 door?
  3. shortfletch11

    shortfletch11 Member

    mine is 2006 3 door?
  4. Ron burgundy

    Ron burgundy Active Member

    you want to do an 8p3 conversion..

    Any decent bodyshop can do this..

    You need bonnet , front wings , front bumper , headlights , door mirrors and probably some wiring for the headlights..

    Hopefully someone who has done this already on here can help with anything that Ive missed ....or got wrong .

    I've not read through these but should give you an idea on price

    Could maybe get cheaper if your patient and buy individually and bid on separate listings




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  5. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    I have done this conversion twice now and looking at a 3rd time, as stated above you need bumper, headlights, bonnet, wings, front panel, new bonnet hinges, door mirrors, new door modules for mirrors or wire mirrors into CE. Front panel will be to be complete as none of your old bits will fit such as crash bar or bonnet catch.

    If you don't already have bi-Xenons you will need to buy kufatec adapters and wire in the shutters or get two 14 pin plugs and re-pin yourself. Then code them in. You will also need to make you have the right CE module for coding of bi-Xenons but on a 2006 am sure you will do. Mine is 56 and had correct one.
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  6. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    Door mirrors will have to be from a 3 door also as base plates are different between 3 and 5 door
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  7. Danny93

    Danny93 New Member

    hey a3_sline_tdi
    im from germany so sorry for my bad english^^
    here are my conversion done by the former owner and no i want to do it the right and nice way so i look for good tips. its an 2005 singelframe converted to an 2012 s3 ( front) 20140518_210735 (2).jpg
    i want to ask you how you mount the new wings on the old chassis. because they dont fit plug and play didnt they? 961056_663799970322578_325499023_n.jpg
    i heard about an adapter original from audi? does anyone know something about this?

    and then the electric thing. i think the former owner didnt change the control modules. and he build adapters but they are not good work and i have some problems with the lights. the range adjustment dont work. and if i turn on the upper beam headlights they shut of after a few seconds. the drl is operating through a relay. i dont think that is the best and "oem" way ^^ the car had xenon light before.

    i hope someone can help me

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