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audi S3 Dahlback inlet manifold and other parts

stevesmee Sep 25, 2012

  1. stevesmee

    stevesmee New Member

    [TD="class: postbody"]Dahlback inlet manifold £400
    MTM haldex control unit £400
    Neuspeed front and rear anti-roll bars £150
    Front mount intercoller kit £250

    Looking for offers on following parts:
    Dahlback inlet and exhaust cams part numbers DBR.HK4C.20VUT and DBR.HK4C.20VIN
    Custom exhaust manifold with GT28 turbo and full 3" exhaust system
    2.1 litre block with stroker steel crank knife edged, lightweight flywheel and crank pulley, eurospec rods. All four pistons damaged, needs honing/rebore and new pistons.
    Omex 600 ecu.

    Also breaking rest of car. Would sell complete car with all above parts for right money

    Steve 07815 333777[/TD]
    [TD="class: genmed"][/TD]

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