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Audi S3 coilover discussion.

Roberto Cristino Feb 23, 2014

  1. Roberto Cristino

    Roberto Cristino New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I've been reading some threads here and searching the web about this.

    I'm thinking about getting the Bilstein B16 PSS9 kit for my S3 8L , love the brand because of his competition pedigree and Nürburgring testing , but it appears there are some issues with the rear springs.
    When installed they stay fully compressed and the coils rub and began to rust. It appears to be a design flaw. :uhm: :think:

    1 (2).jpg

    Installed properly (no problems here) :yes:

    1 (1).jpg barrel.jpg
    "barrel" design :beerchug:

    1 (3).jpg

    Fully compressed and rusty. :crying: :no:

    As far as i know a lot of costumers reported this and Bilstein made a version 2 of the springs.

    2 (1).jpg 2 (3).jpg

    Version 2 (look a lot better) :thumbsup:

    Searching the web you can see pictures of the kit with either springs

    Other brand that i'm considering is K&W.

    I ask all S3 8L / TT MK1 that have this kit or others (K&W , H&R , Koni , etc) , to give your feedback and experiences so we can desmistify this subject and help me and future tuners to "give their babies" nothing but the best. :kissmyrings:

    Cheers and drive safe.:friends:
  2. :: blade ::

    :: blade :: Active Member

    Ill be going with meister r with my s3 bit pricey at £699 but have them on my celica and cant fault them :)

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