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Audi S3 Big Brake Set Up - Brembo

motfree Oct 12, 2011

  1. motfree

    motfree Member

    For sale

    Removed from an audi s3 brembo big brake set up

    these calipers are massive and discs are 355mm dia

    compared them to my mates lcr brembos and these are a bit bigger especially the pad size, but not 100% sure what theyre off maybe a porsche

    have a reciept for £1300 a few years ago and then a reciept for £410 for front brembo discs not so long ago ( which have loads of meat left along with pads )

    these had no fade what so ever no matter what speed !! amazing brake set up !!

    comes with -


    everything you need to fit

    you will need a min of 18" wheel due to caliper size

    any questions just ask

    offers around £700





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