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Audi S3 AMK

Spankys3 Jun 22, 2012

  1. Spankys3

    Spankys3 Member

    Well after 2 years of owning my Audi its now up for sale. I have spared no expsense looking after this car in the 2 years that I have owned it. It is in perftect working order for the age of the car. So let me give a run down of all that is done to it. This car a full extensive service history with receipts for all works and parts. The over all quililty of the very good for its age. I had the front end resprayed to remove the 11 years worth of stone chips.

    Tax - 31/8/2012
    Mot - May 2013
    Mileage - 158339 (this wont go up as I have my new car)


    Was rebuilt fully at 147k. The turbo was not making the same power being 147k old. So I put some Intergrated egnieering forged rods in. A new KO4 was also used. The head had cracked also, so i got a second hand item and had the unit fully rebuilt with new exhaust valves and they Engine has now done 11k and just had its 4th oil change.
    There is a badger 5 TIP also fitted. With a forge 007p rec vavle. N249 Vavle has been bypassed also. Engine is very smooth and makes 250bhp. Has a early custom code phase 1 map. There is a Liquid gague fitted to the drivers vent.
    Clutch was done at 110k New starter motor at 148k.


    I have just done front top mounts and anti roll bar drops links all round. As one had slight play and was brought up on mot. The shocks are bilstein and the springs have just been change to apex and the old ones had been on there for 4 years. The drop is the same on the new ones and the old. Car also has Forge adjustable tie arms on the rear to do camber. It has the rs4 18" wheels on. Tyres on front are just changed to falken fk452 and the rears are goodyear egale f1s with 3mm of tread left. Car has had a full laser aligentment and is spot on to drive. Really good infact.


    braided hoses all round. ebc yellow stuff pads half way through life. Front disc are std as ebcs wraped. Rears are ebcs. Both brake calipers are 1 year old on the rear and both pistons seized.
    The rest
    The car has the blue black interior and that only has a slight suff on drivers seat. No not done by myself. the leather is very good with no cracks on it. All the normal S3 stuff and all works.

    Bad bits

    Just a few things that need to be pointed out that are minor things. The windscreen needs to be changed. Crack but not a mot issue. There are those dreaded dead pixels on the dash. As its a early customer code. Fault code 16804 pops up. This can be cleared easy due to the liquid gague. It has 2 keys but both batterys are dead in them so need a recode. Now it has the badger 5 tip it really needs a remap as current map dont fuel right past 6k rpm. But pulls very well up to that point.
    So in light of these minor things i am not asking for as much for this. I would want 4800 if it was all perftect.
    I am sure that I have missed lots of things out. I have spent 2 years changing most of the parts of this car. Please dont be put of by mileage a test drive and you wont notice it. Please give me a text or a email as I work nights at times.
    Thanks for looking.


    07807 894366

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