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1802010 Apr 22, 2013

  1. 1802010

    1802010 Member

    a set of X4 brand new audi s3 wheels,these alloy wheels have just come out the box and i had X4 really good part worn tyres fitted and balanced ready to go onto my audi,im selling my car now and i havent been able to fit these on,so they are up for sale,these alloys have never touched a car or a wheel nut,i should of kept them in the boxes when i got them from the shop,but at the time it wouldnt of made sense as i was putting them on my car, i paid £400 for the alloy rims and had X4 really good part worns fitted at a cost of £30 a tyre which come up to £120 so these alloys cost me in all £520 and they havent seen the roads yet, they are 225/40/18", et 35, pcd 5x112, 8j, these are not oem alloys and are also multifitment so fit many many cars, 2 of the tyres have around 7mm thread and the other 2 not as good about 5-6MM I WANT £370 FOR THE ALLOYS AND ITS PICKUP FROM BIRMINGHAM OR CAN DELIVER FOR THE COST OF PETROL MESSAGE ME

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