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Audi S3 8l Washer bottle removal guide

Wallm0nkey Dec 15, 2013

  1. Wallm0nkey

    Wallm0nkey Member

    Figured I'd take some pictures and attempt a guide as I was doing the job anyway it's relatively easy if a little awkward! Hopefully will help someone although can't say i've ever had a cracked washer bottle on any other cars...

    I'd say you can do it in about an hour but leave two if your unfamiliar with removing bumper etc.

    Torx T20/T30 Screwdrivers
    Philips No.2 Screwdriver
    Straight blade Screwdriver
    No.5 allen key
    10mm socket and some extensions are handy

    I'll assume you can remove the front bumper but if not it's at the front 4 plastic rivets along the top which pull out, two Philips screws underneath the bumper at the front in the recesses. Then both wheel arches are the same with Torx T20 fixings all near the edge of the wheel arch at the front of the wheel, one underneath which isn't visible, three in the little mudflap then just work your way up. Make sure you have a sheet or something to protect your bumper on the floor when you pull it away to protect it. As it starts coming away on the left you will see the connection for the headlight washers so unclip and aim the end up to avoid losing all the fluid. Then disconnect both fog lights after this place the bumper somewhere safe.
    Now get a container and drain the fluid using the headlight washer pipe some will remain but the majority will be out this way.

    Now remove the left engine cover which hides the washer bottle two Philips screws and slide it off.

    Next unscrew the headlight using the Torx T30 screwdriver it's three screws in these locations:
    The one down the hole you will need a long screw driver for but it only needs undoing a few turns before it's loose enough to slide out. The headlight does clip in to the opposite side so slide it away from the car from the side of the hidden screw first. Once it's loose you can just leave it hanging in situ as there is now enough space to carry on.

    Next back in the engine bay look down in front of the coolant reservoir and you should see this:
    Use the No.5 allan key and just loosen it then slide towards the block a little.

    Now look to the left of it at the two 10mm bolts:
    Undo these and with the extra room from removing the allan key bolt you can now just about get it up and over to rest it on top out the way unclip the pipes as you do this but no need to actually remove them. You should be left with this:

    Next in the space we created look onto the wing:
    Remove the 10mm nut holding the washer bottle and unclip the cable.

    Now back to where the headlight was at the front:
    Unclip the level sensor and remove the headlight washer pipe and unplug the headlight washer.

    Leaving you with this:

    Now loosen off the hose clamp on the intercooler hose and slide it off the intercooler:

    With that out the way undo the last 10mm holding the washer bottle:

    On the back of the washer bottle it's easier to slide the whole washer pump out:

    If you want to remove the pump just unplug it and the two hoses are push fit:

    That's the bottle free so it's just a case of removal it is very tight I found you have to twist it to the right if your face on to the car:
    The part the sticks into the wing will come over the clip for that cable you unclipped earlier you do have to squash it down a bit to get it past. It should become visible how to get it out now.

    That's about it leaving you without a washer bottle:

    Refitting is the reverse personally I found it easier to fit the screen washer pump whilst it's out the car as it's easy to push the rubber seal into the bottle when it's fitted to the car and you can't see it. The little push fit pipes can't really go wrong.
  2. epox

    epox Active Member

    Nice one ! Wish it was here when I done mine
  3. shariain

    shariain Well-Known Member

    I have a leak in mine this will come in handy thanks for the great write up.
    Sandra likes this.
  4. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    Thanks for the thread !!!!

    What a ball ache!! I might just leave my headlight jets not working !! Its bad enough changing a fuse !! lol
  5. Gmac

    Gmac Active Member

    DIY not your forte! Lol just some screws and plugs dude!
  6. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    Didn't see you changing your power steering rack either Shipwreck !! pmsl

    I might tackle it later... I only wanted to change the lights washer pump, not necessarily the while thing!
  7. s3mad_dude

    s3mad_dude Noggies ruuuule!

    Best get it fixed in time for the MOT though as it's a failure with xenons - Doh!
  8. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    hmmm!! perhaps coming into force but its not failed our cars yet.
  9. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    You can change the headlamp washer pump with the water bottle in situ, still needs the bumper off and headlight out for access though.
  10. david7m

    david7m Active Member

    I took mine out to repair......but I opted for leaving the bumper and light in !
    Absolute fail, took me ages and ruined my back being bent into engine bay.
    Leaks again now, think the winter cracked my repair.
    Guess what, it's staying leaking as its not hard/costly adding council pop out of freeze season :p

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