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audi s3 8l oil problem?

biggy3389 Nov 5, 2013

  1. biggy3389

    biggy3389 New Member

    Hi all new to this and Looking for some advice.

    Bought an audi s3 8l ayp engine around two months ago, everytime ive bought
    a car I service it for peace of mind never had an issue till now!

    Changed all the filters, put castrol edge fully syn 5w 30 as this is the oil I was advised

    Before servicing the car runned fine with no smoke issues, service it and theres a quite abit
    of smoke its seems to build up then release a cloud of smoke definatly smells like oil but the
    car still performs fine? Checked all the breather pipes and they all look ok? Just seems weird
    that I serviced it and this has happened??

    Any advice or help would be a huge help! :)
  2. slowcoach3

    slowcoach3 Active Member

    How much oil did you put in?
  3. biggy3389

    biggy3389 New Member

    4.5 litres, which measured just right on the dip stick

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