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audi s3 8l headlights

j4yvw Nov 6, 2012

  1. j4yvw

    j4yvw Member

    Hi I have a set of used very good condition audi s3 8l facelift headlights for sale. These are with the ballast pack including mounting bracket. The lights have been removed from my prefacelift audi a3. They come with all the bulbs intact and working including the height adjusting motors functioning. The internal plastic clips are still intact. Unfortunately one of the headlights does not have original top mounting brackets, i have had to install repair clips but this does not affect it in any way. The lenses are in good condition with very minimal scratches and no visible hazing.
    I am looking for £275 ono, prefer payment on collection so you can physically see the item and decide yourself. Willing to post but contact prior to arrange cost.

    I also have the following items front aero wiper kit with blades, rear facelift lights, cloth armrest with full fitting kit, standard set of halogen facelift front headlights all for audi a3 8l. Let me know.

    Contact Jay 07973658336.
  2. freple

    freple New Member

    OEM headlights? or not?

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