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Audi s3 8l bam black

finny May 30, 2013

  1. finny

    finny Member

    Hi, selling my s3 as im looking to buy a house!

    Ive only owned the car since january but have spent abit on it with wheels and tyres etc...

    The car is a BAM engined black 8l model and has done 109k
    Comes with the cream/grey/white (depending on your eyes) leather

    17" calibre wheels with yokohama parada spec 2 tyres all in really good condition and only covered about 1500 miles
    Forge TIP
    Stage 1 revo map
    Forge pcv valve

    it has good service history and M.O.T till january
    tax till end of june but upto owner if they want me to tax it obviously reflected in price.

    Looking for £5000 for the car as it is a REALLY good example and only bad bit being it need a MAF sensor!

    any more questions or if your interested dont hesitate to call me (Dan) on 07794934106

    im located just west of newcastle upon tyne.

  2. firestorm

    firestorm Member

    Finny, I suggest you replace the MAF sensor with a genuine Bosch one. If it needs replacing, that implies the car is running 100%, which makes it harder for you to get top money for your car. fs
  3. finny

    finny Member

    cheers firestorm...actually just thinking of lowering the price £4750 any takers?

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