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audi s3 8l 2000 model holding back in 5th and 6th

s3arekid Jul 4, 2012

  1. s3arekid

    s3arekid New Member

    first time on any forum and need some help my car is a 2000 model s3 with 120000 miles on just put fk coilovers on porsche 17 " alloys and now want to start on engine but have a problem that i cant pin point in higher gears it seems to lose boost or hold back on full throttle and at half throttle it picks up alot better ive got access to a bosch kts200 code reader and that says everything is ok no problems cleaned out and checked all vac pipes cant see any splits and got no better or worse for checking them goes great in 1st to 4th and if you keep foot down and push on in 5th and 6th its ok just if cruising in 5th or 6th and put foot down doesnt pick up at anyspeed 50 60 70 80 just flat dont want to start playing with airfilters or remaps and the like until i get this sorted any help would be great thanks
  2. Cobra88

    Cobra88 Active Member VCDS Map User Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    Hi Wayne

    Fuel filter dirty
    fuel pump
    Air filter dirty
    fuel pipe has a dent in it where it runs under car.
    fuel filler neck breather
    coil packs
    spark plugs

    All things i would check
  3. s3arekid

    s3arekid New Member

    thanks for your post cobra88 sorry didn't get back sooner but being busy with work and moving house replaced fuel filter airfilter coil packs plugs checked and replaced most of the pipes with samco ones still doing it so went to see rs tuning in leeds it was put on there rolling road and it was a bad map only boosting in 5th and 6th at 5000rpm had it remaped now runs great 255bhp and 216 at wheels now needs better brakes before any more power lol

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