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Audi S3 56 Phantom Black!!

fchana786 Mar 21, 2012

  1. fchana786

    fchana786 New Member


    I am selling my Audi S3. I have owned the car for just over a year now and the car is brilliant but deposit for a new house forces sale of my car im afraid :(

    The car had full audi service history and has just had the water pump and cambelt changed so thats all good for another 50k miles.

    The car has done 55k on the clock and has 1 previous owner before me. Car has just had 4 new tyres put on and will be taxed for 6 months for the new owner! MOT expires in june.

    The price for the car is £13250 but the car has been fully maintained and no had no expenses spared on it! I am open to sensible offers.

    Pictures will be uploaded later today!

    Thank you

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