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Audi s3 2001 electrical problems :(

Fige18 Nov 16, 2011

  1. Fige18

    Fige18 New Member

    Hi everyone this is my first post on here so sorry if its not in enough or too much detail.

    I have an audi s3 2001 plate, recently I have started to have a few odd problems which all seem to be electrically related.

    Issue 1) I noticed about 2 weeks ago that all of a sudden if I turn my engine off and take the key out of the igniton while the head/side lights are running the engine doesnt actually go off. It stays running until you turn the headlights off, obviously you cant drive it with no key with the steering lock etc. I have also noticed if I just turn the sidelights on everythin comes on my dash fuel goes up etc like it would once key in and ignition turned on. Me and my mate looked into this more at weekend an it seems like when both sidelight fuses are in this happens but when only one is in whether it be left or right the engine goes off with lights on. Now I could just run both sidelights off one fuse but that would bypass my problem rather than solve it.

    Issue2) Again recently everytime I lock my car about 15 seconds later my car alarm goes off for around 15 secs then stops, the car stays locked. I have tried turnin off intenal sensors but the alarm still goes off everytime car is locked this is gettin annoying for myself and the neighbours.

    I also have an issue with interior and convinience lights since having the car, evevrytime one of the reading lights was switched on it blew the fuse for the lights, then got to the point to where the fuse was blowing as I put it in, at weekend I took all the bulbs out and my mate was testing where the bulbs for with a tetser, however when doing one he touched somethin he shouldnt have and it melted the rubber of the wire that was in a batch of others for all the front interior lights that goes down the pillar passeneger side of the front window, there was a bit of smoke which is the only reason we knew a pulled the fuse out quick which stopped it melting and the car setting on fire :( We dont get why the fuse didnt blow instead started melting wire??

    I had an auto electrician come to my house to see my car today, he could only come for an hr and started lil bits of each job and then said he hasnt got the time really an to get someone else, he was charging quite cheap per hr really n not sure how much he knew seemed to be a but of a google search expert instead. He didnt charge me for the hr thankfulll, I would really appreciate if anyone can help with the above whether they have seen it before and fixed it or had it on their own car.

    Many thanks
  2. shabba168

    shabba168 Member

    Try replacing the headlight switch have seen a couple of vag cars where alarm fitters have taken lives off the light wiring and causing back feeds through the headlight switch and have seen faulty switches causing issues with back feeding seems to be a fault with the light circuit.

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