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Audi S3, 2 days of ownership, complete nightmare!!

criztal Nov 13, 2012

  1. crunchie

    crunchie Active Member

    There will be genuine high motorway milers that would be a very good buy.
    On the other hand it could have been a taxi.
    But yes, if you know what you're looking for then its fine.
    Not for me though, I'll stick to my nice low miler thanks :)

    With regard to the noisy injection, it is very loud, pretty much too loud.
  2. jaydav2306

    jaydav2306 Member

    It's widely publicised that the TFSi engine sounds bloody awful!
  3. criztal

    criztal New Member

    So, the story here gets worse, just after you think things will get better! After having to replace the injector on cylinder 3, yup, you guessed it, engine management light back on again this evening! Audi assist called out to check on the car, fault now is a flap that needs replacing on the inlet manifold! This could possibly be the reason i have a diesel S3 perhaps? with **** fuel economy (previous M3 driver so am aware of how harsh it can be!) but this meant to be a fuel effiecient modern turbo 2.0l! Anyway, so the car is being collected (AGAIN) by Stratford Audi and taken back to there place for yet another look, what are your guys thoughts on this? Worth handing it back? I really dont want to! At this stage i am so so grateful i purchased from a Audi dealer and to be fair, a pretty decent one to how far they are willing to go to solve the problem.
  4. dancupra225

    dancupra225 Active Member

    I would cut my losses and ask for money back sounds like you have a car with never ending problems
    And cant even. Enjoy the car yet !!
  5. S.

    S. Save the manuals Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Manual

    oh...bad luck mate!
    since the car is back in, insist them to take a complete check and repair what's necessary, so you won't have another failture in a week or so.
    how long do you have the car? few weeks?
  6. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Make sure you get a printed copy of anything they verbally guarantee or walk away! there are plenty of other cars out there that won't be so troublesome ..if they're as good as their word, they'll understand your concern.
  7. criztal

    criztal New Member

    Heres yet another update! So i am getting a little annoyed at this point, after the last episode, the car is back with Stratford Audi for a inlet manifold flat motor? They claim to have inspected the cams also and there is no wear on them, problem is i am currently in Hong Kong so cant even see what they are on about! I wanted to ask you guys if replacing the inlet manifold flat would improve fuel effieciency and and generally boost the car better? i felt it was a little flat but not sure if this is related, just wanted some more valuable feedback from you guys....

    Do you think at this point Audi UK should step in for a little compensation? They all bleat on and on about the 145 point check, and buy an approved used Audi for peave of mind, id have got more of that from a Ford Fiesta! Im not kicking off just yet, but i bought my car from Stratford Audi on the 9/11/2012, since then i have had it in my possesion for 9 days!
  8. gixerson

    gixerson Member

    What more can we say.

    The vast majority of people said from the outset to just return the car and get a refund, but you didn't want to do that.
    Now you are paying the consequences of not returning the car.

    It's just a car.
    Return it, get a full refund and buy something else :thumbsup:

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