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Audi S2 Braided fuel line kits

terrybullwon Feb 23, 2008

  1. terrybullwon

    terrybullwon Audi S2

    I hope the mods dont mind this posted. Its run as a none profit GB almost and is only avilble for a short time.

    Heres whats posted on another S2 site...........

    I have had a patten made for the S2 coupe, the kits are ready from next Thursday.

    The lines are 200 Series Stainless Steel braided Teflon hose they will not allow fuel vapor to escape and fill your garage with that nice petrol smell alot of us love [​IMG]

    The fittings are all anodised aeroquip.

    Price is £246.64 inc vat and 10% dependent on how many i wanted..

    Delivery will be dependent on how many kits can be sold [​IMG]

    Cheers James

    Any questions please ask....


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