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Audi / S-Line rear cer seat cover A1, A3 or A4

OllieQS Nov 30, 2012

  1. OllieQS

    OllieQS Member



    This is a made to order rear car seat cover that I purchased from an ebay store. The only reason for sale is that it wont fit my A6. It cost me £20.

    Its like brand new and was never sat on. It was only on the seat for a couple of weeks! For the B5 this was an excellent fit with velcro cut outs for seat belt clips and three head rests.

    Its made of water proof nylon so excellent for when the kids are in the back.

    One point worth mentioning is that in trying to "make" it fit my A6 I pulled a small section of the red trim from the cover. This could be stiched back on but its actually on part of the cover that tucks under the seat so its not visible.

    £10 collected from Bradford or plus £4 for postage.



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