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fletch May 17, 2014

  1. fletch

    fletch New Member

    I've got a genuine set of the 18" alloys they were off my 2001 S3 these are the 9 spoke single arm alloys

    i bought these as an upgrade but removed them when I sold it as the buyer said he preferred the original 17" alloys than these ones for some reason! these were apparently an upgrade you could get from new on the S3 but were a very expensive one at the time.

    They cost me about £1800 + the centre caps which were something daft like £80 each which i still have all 4 of them and will be included in the sale.

    To be honest I don't even know what these are going for or are worth now I sold the car to order my new RS3 in 2010 and they have sat in my garage for the last 3+ years gathering dust.

    the first person to see them will buy them they have 4 Goodyear 225/40/18 tyres on them 2 are legal 2 are not.

    I do not want silly money for these and I am open to sensible offers, I am in Newcastle and they must be picked up.

    I work away away in the Middle East and I will be back in 3 weeks PM me if you are interested

    I can 100% be sure you will not be disappointed they are not marked.

    I have got got a black leather armrest for a 2001 S3 & genuine chrome mirrors for the same car (these are the proper OEM alloy ones which make a massive difference to the look of the car) and would love to get rid of them all at once as I can't be bothered with the hassle of selling them separate and having to post the mirrors & armrest.

    i haven't got a picture of them off the car but have a pic of the car with them on but I'm not sure how to load it on to here, pm me your email address and will send you the photo of the car and you will see the difference the wheels and chrome mirrors make to the S3
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