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Audi RS3 grill stripped and ready for paint

Jonni Jul 29, 2013

  1. Jonni

    Jonni Active Member

    Well decided to spray my RS3 grill gloss black. So here's a little write up to how I done it.

    First off I followed A3 kenst guide to removing the grill. Cheers mate good guide. So with the grill off I flipped the grill over and had it face down on a sheet. Then I used a small flat blade screwdriver and worked my way around the grill surround pushing the tabs out as I went . Then the surround popped off. Then it was time to get the badge mount off the grill. I will say now its a absolute b*****d to do . There is 10 clips that need to be pushed out towards the main grill all at the same time. They need to be pushed through at the same time so as the mount comes out level. I used the GF and we pushed all the tabs together and then managed to wiggle the mount off the grill. I am not gunna lie its a nightmare to do but its doable.

    This is what the grill looks like when its stripped down.


    I take no responsibility for any damage you cause following this guide . But I am more than happy to help you if you are attempting this
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  2. Aidy06

    Aidy06 Member VCDS Map User

    Where's the guide??? :p
  3. Jonni

    Jonni Active Member

    Lol there ^^^ I didn't take any pictures as was to frustrated off trying to get that badge mount out lol

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