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Audi RNS-E A3/S3 Navigation System

S4 SWO Oct 29, 2011

  1. S4 SWO

    S4 SWO Member

    Here i have for sale an RNS-E Sat nav system for sale.

    This is a genuine Audi navigation system
    Audi A3, S3, RS3
    Part num: 8P0 035 192S
    Original Map Disc DVD1 2009 Europe Central-West (UK included)
    Hardware Version H80
    Firmware SW 0650
    Very good condition.

    • Electromechanically folding 6.5" TFT display with 3D map displays
    • Audio CD's or Mp3's can be played
    • Dynamic navigation with RDS & Traffic Message Channel (TMC)
    • Numerous new navigation functions(e.g. perspective map view by means of bird's eye display, new split-screen function, selected points of interest displayed)
    • Integrated car radio with CD player (internal single DVD drive)
    • Driver information system
    • Turning instructions and arrow depicted in driver information system
    • Two integrated MMC/SD card slots for Mp3 files
    • Two FM tuners (second tuner searches in the background for better reception quality for the station being listened to)
    • Compatible with a CD changer, Bose/Non Bose DVD sound system
    Asking Price: £465 delivered
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  2. S4 SWO

    S4 SWO Member

  3. Smokey_clark

    Smokey_clark 12th Gear

    Do you know if this can be retro-fitted into an 8L?
  4. S4 SWO

    S4 SWO Member

    "The 8L never came from the factory with RNS-E fitted it only had RNS-D so infact none of them fit directly in the hole so to speak. You have to adjust the facia with a bit of cutting/filing to make it fit."

    This is taken from the 8L forum after doing a quick search. Looks like it can be done with a littke filing/cutting to the facia around. There are a few who have done this successfully.
  5. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    If its the A3 version it will have a rounded edge at the top of the unit to fit in an 8P dash which would be difficult to get it to adjust to fit the 8L dash. The RNS-E to get for the 8L is an A4 one as it is the closest fit to the 8L dash and only need the bottom edge and the sides to be trimmed.

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