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Audi Repair Costs. Your Thoughts?

reptor245 Feb 20, 2009

  1. reptor245

    reptor245 Active Member

    hey guys, having read the thread a week ago about a guy who had a ding in the front wing and a few air bags went off. it became clear that if you have a slight bump in your A3 then its written off!! i mean for E.G, if someone keys your car and its worth £5000. the respray and labour would cost almost as much as the cars worth so would the insurance compant write it off too?

    Having spoke to audi`s parts depo for a price for a centre cap for my steering wheel, it turns out you cant just buy a cap were the 4 rings are, you have to buy the complete air bag and there like £500. so basicly if i bought a new air bag and maybe a dash board from the parts depo, then a respray. that costs more than the rest of the car? WTF is that all about.
    Can you image if you replaced all the parts with new ones except the engine and body, it would cost like 3X`s more than the car was originaly. OMG how does that work. Its cheaper to buy a new car than replace the bits on it.lol

    i do love my A3 1.8T but come on audi. what gives with the over priced parts...lol.

    just wondered how u guys felt too.
  2. dantheman1986

    dantheman1986 Member

    yere sucks mate i just got quoted £2006 for a new rear diff and £1400 for the haldex controller to go with it! that like 3.5k! i just got both together of ebay for £150, all fitted now an working fine!
  3. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    I remember a report a few years ago, that if so inclined, you could pop down your local bike dealer, buy a top end Sports bike. Take it home and strip it to parts, then flog them individually for 3-4x what you paid for the whole bike, and that's at 2nd hand prices!!!

  4. benr

    benr Member

    My lateral acceleration sensor went dodgy... I called audi and they said they wont sell the parts seperately and it would be £400+ for the lot... (basically lies to con me)

    I got the one i need off ebay for £30.
  5. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    Reptor sorry but when buying car parts if they are brand new then the price is for brand new parts.
  6. reptor245

    reptor245 Active Member

    i also said on line one about seeing a guy a week ago in here posting pics of his silver a3 with a ding on his win. got writ off. insurance companys use audi approved repair centres and they only use "new audi" parts.

    found it..here

    im scared to drive my car now incase some old fart scratches my car and they write it off.lol

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