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Audi remote key not working properly

Dracoro Aug 26, 2006

  1. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member

    Could be related to my water in passenger problem (resolved I hope!) but here goes.

    car: 2000W Audi A6
    Lock car with remote - OK
    Open car with remote - OK
    Leave car for a little while and it does NOT open the car, boot button works ok tho.
    Open car with key - OK
    Lock car with remote - OK
    Open car with remote - OK
    and so on.

    So the remote 'works' in that it will open and close the car. However, leave the car for a little while and you need to open with the key. Once open with key, the remote works again until.....you get the idea
  2. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member

    BTTT Anyone help?
  3. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The only time i had a problem like this was when we had used the 2 key fobs we have consecutively, and the second key didn't recognise the code from the first, or the car didn't recognise the second key. After opening the car mechanically with the 2nd key and then remote locking, the system reset to that fob. Then i couldn't get in remotely with the first one. I have a vague memory that there's something in the owners manual - which i don't have to hand right now - about the reset procedure but am not sure.
  4. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member

    Tried the reset procedure in manual but didn't work.

    Is there a general central locking reset I can do? Left the battery unplugged for a fair while (overnight) but that didn't sort it.

    Where is the receiver located, maybe this is the problem?
  5. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    Is this the reset process you used ??

    These directions will allow you to reprogram your remote-control "switchblade" keys to full functionality. The '00 S4 manual claims that if you press the buttons too many times outside the range of the car, the key will deprogram itself. I don't know the reasoning behind this.

    You will need BOTH of your "switchblade" keys to reprogram one or both of them.

    Take the key you DO NOT want to program and put it in the ignition. Turn it one click forward.
    Close and lock the drivers door with the second key.
    On the second key (the one in the drivers door) press the 'UNLOCK' button ONCE only. The lights will flash on the car, but the doors will remain locked
    With the second key still in the drivers door, unlock then lock the door again.
    Pull the key from the slot and test remote functions.
    Open drivers door, remove key from ignition.
    If both of your remotes don't work, do the above for the first key, but on step #3, press the 'UNLOCK' button twice. The lights will flash twice, then continue on with step #4.

    I think the receiver could be housed in the central locking pump on later models.

    On my avant theres am alarm mdule behind the rear passenger bolster, but on the saloon it could be under the rear seat.


  6. DIPS_A4


    Key Fob Programming
    VW/ Audi/ Seat/ Skoda

    Remote Control Programming (1997 ON)
    1. Switch Ignition ON and leave key in the ignition.
    2. Mechanically lock the vehicle using the Drivers door using a second key
    3. Using the remote control press the Unlock button once, and the horn will sound once.
    4. Wait 6 seconds and press the unlock button once to activate the coding procedure. The remote control will now be programmed.
    Note: When performing programming on additional remotes the procedure is exactly the same, except you press the unlock button 2, 3 or 4 times for different remote.
    For example: If programming 2 remotes press the unlock button twice with a 1 second interval between each press, repeat for 3 and 4 remotes.
    5. Switch ignition OFF.
    6. Remove key from ignition and check for operation.
    7. The coding procedure can be repeated up to 4 times for additional remotes.
    8. The ignition must be switched OFF between programming each remote control.

    Remote Control Erasing (1997 ON)
    1. Switch ignition ON and leave key in the ignition.
    2. Mechanically lock the vehicle using the Drivers door using a second key.
    3. Press the remote control unlock button 5 times in 1-second intervals.
    A short horn will sound.
    4. Wait 6 seconds and press the unlock button once to activate memory erase.
    5. Switch ignition OFF, all remotes are now tuned in..
  7. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member

    Problem there is that I only have one key :( Replacements cost a fortune.

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