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Audi / RAC cover - supplied with new car

Emma Mar 29, 2004

  1. Emma

    Emma New Member

    (see also my post re A3 handbrake problem)

    I had a problem with my car which, in my absence caused it to career into another vehicle causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Audi are denying any liability.

    So, I contacted the RAC (whose membership I have free with the car which is only 2 months old) in the hope that the RAC might be able to give me some legal advice or arrange for some independent testing or inspection, or something which might help me.

    To my astonishment, the RAC said that they could not assist because there was a "conflict of interest" in so far as the advice it might give might be used against Audi.

    It would seem that the RAC cover is not independent cover at all but is biased against the member and towards Audi. This seems quite wrong to me, after all, I am the member, not Audi.

    Does anyone have any comments or advice?

    Thank you.
  2. Hopsta

    Hopsta Member

    As Barry says, the RAC just have the ADT(Audi dedicated tech) contract (only just renewed as it happens). Have you not tried your insurance company, surely if the car has been damaged then this is something they should be dealing with anyhow ??

  3. Irish

    Irish Member

    Emma if you click onto www.uk-mkivs.net there is a girl called 'NJ' and she has an R32 which did the exact same thing except when the handbrake failed the car rolled out of her garage and only damaged her car.

    If you have a look for her and drop her a PM I'm sure she could offer some advice as I THINK she got VW to cough up.

    I would always leave a car with disc brakes all round in gear anyway.

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