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Audi Problems :( black smoke, loss of power, siren/whistling sound.

V16 Apr 10, 2010

  1. V16

    V16 Member

    Hey well where to start. I bought a 2006 2.0tdi s-line at the end of december, with 42k on the clock. Couldn't compare it with the peugeot 307 i previously owned, always wanted an a3 and seeing as im 20 i was in dreamland.

    for the past couple of weeks while driving on the motorway i felt a sudden 'jerk' now n then while travelling at around 65-80mph. i didn't think anything into it as i've got a service at preston audi coming up on wednesday.

    49K on the clock now and i was driving from preston to london the other day, 30 miles away and while doing 80mph the car suddenly loss all power, i had no idea what happened, no lights came on. made my way to the hotel and read up on the forums that the car had gone into limp mode.

    the next day i drove it back thinking it would be ok (preston audi said it should be ok if there was no lights on the dash) it didnt feel as smooth as it should of been, driving past stafford and the engine light came on, which i was told was the emissions light. Everytime i put my foot down or even slightly down a cloud of black smoke would come out of the exhaust. i didnt want to risk it so i called direct line and got picked up and taken to there yard. was hoping to take it to stafford audi but they couldn't fit me in at all..told there was nothing they could do. they couldn't figure out what the problem was so i drove it back slowly and now it's parked up on my drive until i take it to audi.

    now i no the turbo whistling sound is loud but now it's even louder, and some say theres sound like a police siren and i swear my sounds the same when driving at a slow speed and getting louder the faster i drove.

    what could be the possible causes before i get ripped off by audi? if i need a new turbo...well i don't even wanna think about that. :faint:
  2. Dan!

    Dan! Quattro Drive

    Just sounds like the boost pipe has come loose... This would cause the sound, smoke and loss of power.

    It's very difficult to get in and see as the turbo is practically sitting against the firewall, but if you can have a look and see if the pipe has come off. This should save you some money and you might even be able to stick it back on yourself! :)
  3. BigBird

    BigBird Lost in music...


    I had very similar on my old troublesome Golf IV TDI 150.

    Driving along when suddenly there was a loss of power. Every time I put my foot down there was a huge amount of black smoke and a loud whoosing noise like there was sand in the engine instead of oil. Sh*t myself, thinking of the cost as I limped round the corner to the VW garage, but it turned out to be a loose turbo hose. Quick & cheap to fix (the only time it was cheap & simple to fix mind...)
  4. V16

    V16 Member

    ah good, i only hope it's a quick and cheap job.

    dan where is the pipe located for me to have a look? i'm no good with DIY but no harm in having look, not driving it until wednesday is killing me :sorry:

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