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audi prices????? what would i get for mine????

camscockle20vT Jan 31, 2011

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  1. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    hi all

    im considering a change of car as my brother is due to have an upgrade so hence ill get an upgrade to :) iv not long had my latest audi and its been a bumpy relationship and i have to say id not mind seeing the back of it to be honest as its my 4th 1.8t and i fancy some rear wheel drive crazyness,i was gonna go all out on it but havent got time. iv managed to get it running pretty good for a car thats got 118k on the clock with full audi service, and its got loads of potential to the right person who wants an s3 replica. its a 1.8t sport on a 51 plate but registered 02, in ming blue,(body work has dinks as expected at nearly 10yrs old) but shines up real good. its got the quattro front bumper and xenon headlight conversion aswell as the s3 rear bumper and miltek backbox. its got the full s3 interior that is absoloutly mint with a few slight creases on the bolster but nothing a good treatment would'nt sort, including doorcards, s3 steeringwheel and gear nob. the rims are 18inch mk5 r32 alloys as far as i and others can tell, slightly scuffed but again a refurb would sort and ther not that noticeable, and really set the car off.the engine has got some mods just short of a remap, with a forge 007p dv coldside relocation, some carbon carbonio induction kit. the car pulls like a train for 150bhp with the mods.i got the car cheap as it was from a guy who had been laid off but i know its worth more. if anyones intrested have a look at my pics and you can see my previous posts about this honest car and see that iv sorted evrything thats common to go on them. and to evryone else what would you suggest a sensible asking price would be in todays second hand market as all i see is dogs or in my opinion overpriced standard cars.
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