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Audi PR Code / Technical info Stick (or lack of)

furiousgeorge Nov 22, 2013

  1. furiousgeorge

    furiousgeorge New Member


    I bought an Audi A4 2.0 TDI avant (2009) in the summer, and now need some new pads/discs.

    The service book was missing (although Audi confirmed a full service history) and there's no sign of the sticker in the spare wheel well either.

    Can someone tell me the best way of finding out the discs/pads I need? I have measured the discs and they are about 345mm (front) and 300mm (back) but I dont want to order the wrong ones from an online retailer. I'm even more confused with the various pads that are available!

    The cars an Sline on 19 inch alloys if thats any use? I can stick up the VIN if thats gonna help anyone?

    Thanks for any help or advice in advance!
  2. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    if you go to a motorfactors or audi they will be able to tell you from the reg or chassis number.

    Do you have a tps ( trade parts ) near you? They are good for genuine disks and pads, I replaced all 4 disks and pads on my 3.0tdi avant recently and only thing they wanted was the vin number from the bottom of the windscreen.

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