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Audi polished TT comps 17" with michelin pilot sports

corradoman Feb 15, 2012

  1. corradoman

    corradoman New Member

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Audi TT original polished comps with 225/45/17.5*100 et 32 7.5j michelin pilot sports 3 with at least 4mm tread and 1 with minimum tread all wheels are in lovely condition with no kerbing and only a small amount of laquer peel! these pics don`t do them justice as they are really nice and shiny, they are perfectly straight with no buckles and ride nice and straight and are all balanced up and ready to go and all hold there pressures well, im only selling these as i have recently refurbed some bbs rs2s and could do with some new tyres for them! Gutted really as the comps are a lovely wheel, Im after £350ono and think there worth it all day long judging by some of the tat ones on ebay if you can find them as they are rare now! I can deliver them within a reasonable distance for whatever the fuel costs.. pm me or ring/text me on 07881554929
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