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Audi Owners Club Open Day - Tonbridge Audi Kent, England

salad.dodger Jul 5, 2011

  1. salad.dodger

    salad.dodger Member

    [Taken from another forum i use]

    It's back for a second year!

    That's right, Tonbridge Audi are once again opening their doors for the day, September 17th 2011 this time round.

    They will be opening up their workshops again for free diagnostics, checks and top-ups, this proved to be an eye opening experience for everyone last yeat, not just the fact that we found out how our cars actually were, but also we very impressed at the level of knowledge shared by the Technicians, even towards the older 80 & 90 variants and even back to Series 2's and UR's. They showed no knee jerk reactions to modified cars and even suggested helpfull tips towards 20v conversions and the like! They even topped up my screenwash, oil and coolant for free, plus we all got a goody bag with allsorts of stuff in. Free drinks and other refreshments will be available too.

    There are many attractions currently being talked about. Not confirmed yet but one idea being looked at by them is the possibility of a Free rolling road session for your Audi! That would be awesome if we can have that! A Concours Section, this time will definately be going ahead! I might suggest a bouncy castle for the kids amongst us! Someone mentioned a live band playing too!

    If you own an Audi, regardless of the condition, so long as it is road legal, get in touch and register your interest. The Audi Owners Club is holding an open Invite to any Audi Enthusiast to come along for the day and enjoy in what will become another great day out!

    The added bonus that you get, is that not all the activities for the day have been suggested yet, which means you can have a say in what YOU would like on the day. The suggestion box is only open to AudiFans registered users and Members of the Audi Owners Club so get your thinking caps on Very Happy They probably won't have the man power to take loads of us out in an R8 Spyder but put it on your list anyway, you just never know!

    Email me


    AOC South East Rep

    south.east@audiownersclub.co.uk with ideas and to register your interest.

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