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Audi OEM 13cm (5.25") speakers - what models have them?

A4 stu Oct 16, 2013

  1. A4 stu

    A4 stu Member

    I am returning my A4 (1998 B5) stereo to factory as the wife will now be the user of that car so my better kit is coming out.

    I no longer have the factory 4" speakers but I do have the adapters I used in my install that allows bigger 5.25" speakers to be fitted.

    The standard head unit struggles to drive the replacement drivers I fitted probably due to their lower sensitivity rating (they need a bit of oomph to get them going) so I was looking for some cheap and sensitive replacement drivers and figured the more inches for the wife the better!

    So, are there any Audi's that use 5.25" speakers that would share the same characteristics and easy driveability of the original factory speakers that I could fit in place? Would they even need to be from an Audi or would any OEM paper drivers work?

    Factory speakers often turn up on ebay for a few quid so it seems a better option than cheap aftermarket speakers that may sound rubbish without an amp?

  2. AK47UK

    AK47UK Active Member

    Don't you just hate it when 4" doesn't satisfy her!

    you might find that other VAG stock speakers fit as I wouldn't be surprised if they shared the connection type but I doubt other manufacturers would (although comparing the connections on eBay photos could help with this). I'm not sure what the original power rating and impedance is, do you know? Might be worth playing it safe and putting a 4" set back in, let her deal with it :p
  3. AK47UK

    AK47UK Active Member

    After a quick eBay search I can't seem to find any audi speakers of that size, perhaps they are all smaller although it would surprise me as my focus had 16cm in the front and 13cm in the rear.

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