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Audi Noob need help with B5 2000 V6 Tdi

Tom_B Jan 25, 2012

  1. Tom_B

    Tom_B Member

    I'm new to Audi A4s and would really appreciate some. I have been looking for a solid and well cared for A4 for a while and didn't have much cash to spend. I eventually found an A4 2.5 TDi Auto Quattro saloon which, to be absolutely honest with you, I just fell in love with pretty much on first sight. It just has a quality feel to it and everything works without exception even though it has 137k miles on it. It drives really nicely and everything feels tight and propa. I had an autoelectrican plug his diagnostic thingy in and he said that it was a good'un from that point of view. She starts crisply and I just love the V6 TDi noise it makes at tickover - a strange combination of tractor and executive smoothness. POwer delivery is just fantastic - even thirteen years later on the open road she whisks up to 90 in the blink of an eye.

    First thing is that I would like to care for it myself but Haynes don't seem to do a manual for the V6TDi - is that right? if so where can I find a manual. Second thing is there is a bit of a whine from the rear end somewhere. I'm going to have it looked at tomorrow to see if its a wheel bearing - or if its the Quattro transmission - its not bad but if fixable I would like to fix it. Not for too much cash tho'. Are problems with the Quattro tranmission well known? will it go bang? how much do I need to worry?

    Hope you old hands can help,

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Rear diff seals often leak, and result in low oil and if left unchecked, bearing wear and a whine.

    You might get lucky if you fill it up with oil.

    Wheel bearings are fairly common at your mileage though, so if they've not already been done i'd look there too.

    No experience with slushboxes, but manual boxes are fairly good bar a couple of issues relating to selecting 1/2nd gear.

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