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Audi Newbie (possibly)

Dunc2610 May 1, 2009

  1. Dunc2610

    Dunc2610 New Member

    Hi guys, i'm new to the world of Audi's and after being driven for 8 hours in my brothers RS6, and soon be coming in to some money, i've decided i'm going to look to Audi to replace my old Vectra.

    I don't know a great deal about the engines/equipment etc so i'm hoping i can get a few pointers here.

    My budget would be up to £10k, i'm looking for an avant, preferably with climate/cruise/leather with some half decent performance. Obviously there is the S4 i could look at, thats self explanetory, what about the other engines/specs in the A4 range, what kind of power do they put out etc?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]


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