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Audi Navigation Plus - Help please!!

Becksbar7 Feb 10, 2014

  1. Becksbar7

    Becksbar7 New Member


    Has anyone taken the Audi concert out of their Audi and replaced it with a Navigation Plus? Need some help.... Does everything plug in the same?!

    Thanks for your help in advance of your reply,

  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    read around on this site - two of the three main stickies at the top of this section are dedicated to exactly that...

    What car is this for, what year, etc?

    Audi Concert = single DIN

    Navigation Plus is most likely refering to the RNS-E.

    Assuming this is for an early 2000's A4, you have two main options, RNS-D and RNS-E.... I wouldn't even consider RNS-D (CD based, smaller screen, etc, etc).

    Rather than go for the original RNS-E, look for a SEAT Exeo Sat Nav unit... I can't recall the model number, but there are numerous threads on this, detailing exact part numbers, etc (PM me if you're having trouble finding this).

    The SEAT Exeo unit is the same as the last of the higher spec RNS-E's that was put into the last B7's (2005-2008)... but it is just as backward compatible as any of the RNS-E units and the dials can be swapped (for about £2 off eBay) for Audi OEM ones, so it looks 100% factory.

    I say "any of the RNS-E units" because there are a couple of very minor gremlins with this: the older DIS (small LED screen between the dials) screens that will not allow the full feature set - with my upgrade (Audi A4 2001 V6 TDI quattro, from Concert to a 2006 RNS-E):

    1) there was a problem with the telephone book not displaying properly on the DIS
    2) I had to power off the RNS-E and switch it back on (3 seconds) to get the directions to display properly on the DIS.

    Neither of these was a game changer - it's a still a nice piece of kit that provides some very decent features, although badly overpriced when you consider that you have to buy the bluetooth module separately (£200-£350 depending if you want Audi / aftermarket).
  3. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    You can buy them for anything from £250-£700 on eBay depending what version you want (higher res screens and support for SDHC cards over 4Gb on later models)... plus the 2DIN cage and the wiring and then get somebody with a ROsstech cable to re-program the car for you.... or get someone like S8craig on the site to do it (I think he can supply+fit or just fit whatever you've bought).

    I got mine by these guys: HazzyDayz - they're far from the cheapest, but I got them to package up a lot of kit together, so they threw in a few extras for free (SDS high / DIS wiper stalk, etc)... but I did get the R8 multi-funtion steering wheel, RNS-E, bluetooth and Amprire media player / Freeview+.... and that was several years ago!

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