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nickelvery Jun 3, 2007

  1. nickelvery

    nickelvery RS4 B5 380bhp

    I have been talking to a few members and I think due to their being lots of bikers at Box Hill during the summer, this venue for the meet is not suitable. However, with the help of Simon there is a great venue who are happy to have us at a great loaction not far from Box Hill.

    Check out the link below for the venue.


    I have spoken with the manager today and he has confirmed that we can use it for the same date Sunday 1st July. I will post the link for the maps below. So all I need now is feedback from you people.

    I think this is the best venue so far and it also works well for meeting at Newlands Corner first and going off in convoy to the main venue.

    http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&hl=en&saddr=Drove+Rd,+Guildford,+Surrey,+ GU4+8&daddr=Guildford,+KT11+2BU&sll=30.297018,56.7 77344&sspn=70.62923,163.476563&ie=UTF8&z=11&om=1

    Please don't be put out by the move, it's not difficult to find and we now have a venue that has a great amount of space, so let s pull out all the stops and get as many there as we can please.

    We are looking to get to Newlands Corner for the first meeting place at 11.00. Then to move off to get to the Pub for 11.30.

    Thanks very much for everyones' input so far it's much apreciated.

    SATNAV user information:

    First meet point:

    Drove Road,

    Sorry no postcode.

    Second meet point:

    The Fairmile Arms,
    Portsmouth Rd,
    KT11 1BW


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