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Audi - Love their cars but just deplore the after sales experiences

Spr0cket Oct 17, 2012

  1. Spr0cket

    Spr0cket Member

    Picked up an approved used S4 B8 at the end of August. Car had all the right options (well most of what I wanted) and was priced sensibly.

    Upon collection it had incurred a small dent and paint chip in o/s/r door which was not present at test drive and deposit payment. Sales advisor couldn't be sorry enough and sales manager was called over - full assurance given that it will be resolved without any incovenience or concern on my part .... thus the tale starts.

    So dealer has it back a week later to address and I ask them to look at a small clearcoat sratch to rear bumper at same time.

    3 Days later go to collect car.

    Door has been dabbed at (very badly) with a repair brush by look of it, dent still present. I reject the repair, they are trying to fob me off with used cars might have some small blemishes commensurate with age etc. I fully understand that however this was not present when deposit paid and sale agreed so we conclude I'll have to wait for sales manager to return next day and discuss. I then upon loading the laptop in boot am at a loss by the rear bumper. They appear to have litereally polished off clear coat for the middle 12" section of the upward facing bumper surface. Not even polished, more burnt as there is dragged clearcoat finish at either end of this mess. The poor sales advisor who was covering caught my full frustration and agreed it was not an acceptable repair by anyones standards.

    I'm really at a loss by now as to how anyone could even compelte such work and expect it acceptable - it was that evident.

    Lots of apologies later... it goes back in - for another 5 day visit to completely fill, and repaint the door and also respray rear bumper.

    I get it back a week later ... inspect door closely and reject the repair. I can see & feel the fill blend with the door skin. Bodyshop manager called over - he inspect... agrees not acceptable. I question when do I receive my first pay check as the quality control inspector for their work? To really insult on the repair, when clearcoating, they "missed" the leading edge of the back door that is overlapped by closed front door. So when you opend the front door to enter drivers seat, you were presented with leading edge of rear door that was just the black paint looking and feeling very "unfinished" and giving obvious signs of a poor repair.

    Good news -the bumper looks great and they've made good on the damage they caused initally.

    I'm now thinking how hard can it be to repair a car park scuff?

    So back in it goes... a week later, I get a call - the repair keeps "sinking". Never heard such term, though bodyshop claim filler is sagging in oven? Sales have authorised a complete new rear door. At this point I'm just pleased to hear there is a plan to resolve things though disappointed at having a Skoda for longer.

    Almost 3 weeks after it was taken for it's last little stay and the car is back with me last night. Door looks - well OK. Polish under door handles and in the seam where side blades of car meet body - how hard can it be to see that and finish it correctly for a customer? I've honestly never experience such poor bodywork repair.

    Alas the tale though is not at an end. I have now found on the rear bumper below plate and round the curve under the tail light of the near side a series of deep scratches. Looks to me like they have "cleaned" it with a rag that had been dropped or dragged on floor and picked up crud. Through the clear coat and down to paint I think, though tough to tell as the hard edges of the scratches might be making light appear deeper penetrating than it really is.

    So here we are, less than 2 months of ownership and already half that time vehicles been at the dealers for a seemingly simple scuff and dent in a door to be repaired.

    I am awaiting callback from sales manager later today. I obviously want this incurred damage addressed - newly painted bumper looks cr&p again with its latest battle scars. I have also asked them to extend the AUC warranty as this was a defect that should have been addressed or not present at sale. I'm sure that'll be a great customer focused conversation :)

    This is my 4th ownership of an S variant I took a break for the last 3 cars and switched to BMW. I had vowed I'd not return to Audi from previous dealer experiences and the frankly don't give a stuff about customer attitude. Here I am such a short time in and already regretting my change of heart and benefit of doubt :-(

    I am however booked in with APR for a remap and supercharger pulley upgrade next week so that might help restore my joy in the car.

    Thanks for listening if you made it this far ... just think, this is the summarised version ;-)
  2. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    Had to get some popcorn for that read......

    Although they are rectifying the problems with the car, are they going to compensate you in any way? They should due to the stress and the fact that youve had it in numerous times!
  3. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Had the same experience with an Audi main dealer in Hertfordshire. I was told dent in bonnet would be sorted, put it on the invoice, still wasn't done 2 weeks later when I picked up the car. Useless tossers.
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I don't think your experience is an uncommon one unfortunately. When one Audi dealer had a new windscreen fitted for me the scratched my roof and the respray was so far away from dolphin grey it looked silver. When I had it 'fixed' by a proper sprayer they said it was the worst colour match they'd ever seen.

    A friend has just rejected a car at another dealers because of an attempt to rectify a paint defect on an R8.

    The body shops seem awful, but what compounds it is when you get the runaround from the dealers who attempt to fob you off with the 'reasonable wear and tear for second hand car' statement.

    Try and trade in a car with defects or kerbed alloys and the part ex value soon starts to plummet!

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