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Audi Ipod Kit into B5 Avant - Help!!!

avantman Jun 26, 2007

  1. avantman

    avantman New Member

    Has anybody successfully fitted the audi ipod adapter part 8E0 051 444 to a B5 model with Concert stereo??? If so I would appreciate some advice as I am having a nightmare getting the kit to work! My car has only ever had the original headunit and no cd changer so I am desperate to use my ipod!

    As far as I can tell I have wired the kit into the right connectors as per the instructions but the headunit doesn't switch from radio to ipod as it should when I press the "mode" button.

    Anyone got any ideas where I am going wrong?

  2. avantman

    avantman New Member

    Hey hey after hours and hours of faffing around in my car with the radio hanging out I have finally cracked it! All I can say is that the instructions that come with this original Audi Ipod adapter are shocking!!!

    What the instructions say:

    The instructions state that on the rear of your Concert 1 headunit you should remove the existing wire in Pin number 10 on connector I (Black 20pin connector) This is a red/yellow wire in my car. You are then instructed to replace this wire with the brown wire on the supplied ipod harness instead.

    This is incorrect. By removing the original wire in pin10 you are actually disconnecting the circuit that supplies info for the DIS - result is you lose the top 1/3 of the DIS display where you would normally see what radio station name/preset you are listening to, on the instrument cluster!!!


    1.Leave Pin10 alone, thus leaving the DIS (secondary display) intact
    2. The Brown wire on the ipod connector instead must be GROUND, i.e connect to either an existing earth/ground or just attach to chassis on back of radio case.

    As soon as I discovered this the MODE button worked on the headunit and my ipod kicked into life!


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