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Audi iPod connection

old-man Jan 13, 2010

  1. old-man

    old-man Member

    Had my Audi (08 A4 2.0TDi cab) a few months now and after help from this group I was able to upgrade to heated door mirrors, based on this success I would like to ask another question.

    My car came with the Audi iPod dock located in the glove box and a quick try with an iPod Nano proved it worked. I've recently tried the latest iTouch and whilst it will play it won't charge. When I was last in the dealers I'm sure I over heard a similar tale with the result being the voltage changing from 12v to 5v on later iPods and the cable not being compatible so a replacement was needed.

    So my questions are:

    1. Does the voltage thing sound correct and if so is there a newer cable available which will work on the latest iPod models?
    2. My other option is ebay for an older iPod just for the car but I can't determine which exact models will work with the Audi cable I have fitted. I was looking at a 6th generation classic with 80Gb.
    3. Finally do any of the Audi iPod fitting adaptors work for iTouch models as I can't get the pieces I have make it line up correctly and securely.

    As usual any help most appreciated.
  2. comc

    comc VW-7 Audi-2

    Hello old-man
    This is my first contribution to the forum so please be gentle.
    I am picking up my audi b7 2.0 TDI S-line Avant on Thursday and stumbled across this great forum to catch up on whats going on in the audi scene.
    I noticed your post and thought I would point you in the right direction, which hopefully would save you having to renew the entire cable as you suggest. There is a product on the market which basically plugs on to the end of your cable (or any other older speaker dock etc) then you plug your ipod/iphone into the other end and bobs your uncle. This converter basically alters the charging points on the cable end to suit the newer ipods/iphones.
    If you fancy checking out the details I have found one for sale by a uk seller on ebay for about £14. Just run a search for ipod converter 12v 5v and you should be able to find a few.
    If you dont like ebay then i am pretty sure you could find one elsewhere now you know they exist.
    Hope this helps and saves you some effort and money.
  3. old-man

    old-man Member

    Thanks for the heads up and welcome (I'm relatively new here myself) but the place is full of info. I had seen something similar but I need to buy a dock extension lead as well due to the location of the connection in the glove box.

    Thanks again and good look with the new car.

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