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Audi Ipod connection- Has anyone?

Zolly Apr 16, 2010

  1. Zolly

    Zolly New Member

    Had a genuine Audi Ipod connection installed which is linked to my head unit allowing me to songs from my ipod via the cd button on the head unit.
    However I wonderd if anyone else has the same issue (the person who fitted this said that it was a common fault) You have to turn the volume up to almost max in order to hear the songs coming from the ipod. The settings for the Ipod are fine in that disconnected from the unit the volume is perfectley clear.

    Before I accuse the fitter of supplying a sub standard connection I wanted to make sure others didnt have the same issue

  2. neddynasty

    neddynasty New Member

    I installed one of those connections at Christmas. I have to have the volume higher when using the iPod than i would when listening to the radio but nowhere near the max. Probably about 2 or 3 volume numbers higher.

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