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Audi ipod adaptor v Dension ice link?

gkf9 Aug 8, 2007

  1. gkf9

    gkf9 Member

    Thinking of purchasing either one of these for my A4 Concert stereo, which one is best?

    And has anyone got any links for the Audi adaptor to order from?

    Thanks in advance
  2. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Hmm im interested in this Dension ice link now..

    Found this re the ipod adaptor, doesn't look too clever navigation wise, although id be interested to see how the Dension improves on this, not much info on their site!

  3. Hanley

    Hanley New Member

    Avoid the Dension like the plague.

    Mine breaks down every week, it hasn't been working for over 4-5 weeks now.

    Waste of money.
  4. sh500

    sh500 New Member

    I had a Dension Icelink Plus for about 2 weeks- worked great with my Concert stereo but then I upgraded to the RNS-D sat nav unit and it started playing up with that.

    I now have the Kenwood Media Unit which accepts almost any input source-USB, phono, Ipod, 3.5mm etc. and you get the track info on the display which you dont on the Icelink.

    If you are going to go for it, I would buy the Dension Icelink and not the Audi unit- basically the same thing but with the Audi one, they have disabled the controls on the IPod whilst it is docked. The Dension unit does not have this restriction- I have tried out both.

    Ebay has very cheaply priced units. I got mine from a Canadian seller; about £50 inc p+p.

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