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Audi Injector fault AGAIN!! Audi Dealer Wakefield USELESS!!!

davsmith64 Sep 20, 2013

  1. davsmith64

    davsmith64 New Member

    Last week my Audi A3 TDI 170 lost lots of power, like there was no turbo pull on it at all!! but not in limp mode!! No EML! Took to a local garage, NO FAULT Codes! But they found my diesel to be black and contaminated with oil and they suspected it was injector fault.
    So i booked the car into the main dealer to check it out as the car had the recall less than 18 months ago. Took it in today was well greeted and was happy with customer service provided.

    Later today I get a phone call from audi. Basically they said that they could not get a fault to show on their diagnostics and that they didnt know what to do other than let me take the car back unrepaired!
    So I was a little shocked and asked for more details on why they couldn't diagnose a fault and that its their job to find the problem, thats the reason why they have it.
    But all i got back was, our diagnostics wont throw a fault code so theres nothing wrong with the car and to take it back!
    So I asked if the technician had drove it. She said no why would he? Then i told her why and what the faults was.
    Then they said that my ECU software was corrupt because it has been remapped and had the DPF removed. So then I asked why would that be a problem? the cars run fine for the last 12 months without fail, only a cough in a morning. Then she said we can tell that the car has been messed with by just looking at the car?? So i continued to ask her to explain why? everything on the car is original! after a little arguing I then asked why my diesel was black then? My local garage says it the injector seals thats let oil get in the diesel, these was replaced my you less than 18mths since. Then she said she would ask the technicaian and get back to me.
    1 hour later, audi calls me back. "4 technicians have looked at your diesel and theres nothing wrong with it." I continued and said fair enough, I will come through myself, remove the diesel filter and prove your technicians wrong. Then they say the took it for a test drive and said that it was fine! Its clearly not! Anyway, after i said i will come to show the tecnician that the diesel was black, they changed the story again saying, "oh sorry, we thought you said oil was contaminated, not diesel." "we will have another look monday, if we cannot find a fault you will have to take it away as it is, we don't know what to do wiith it."
    I said they could have the car as long as they want as long as they find out whats up with it, Then all i got was, "how much time, and how much money have u got because it will end up costing more than the car is worth."
    How rubbish is this? I thought that the dealer would be the best place for it! The only reason it went to the dealer is because the injectors are still under warranty! but they dont want to know! then they tried saying that because it was done under a recall that they may not be any warranty!
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  2. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

    Seems the dealer is only as good as their code reader
  3. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    tbh some dealers won't even touch it if its had a dpf delete, some earlier thread on this forum would show more.

    Erm, try another audi dealership?
  4. davsmith64

    davsmith64 New Member

    They just didn't seem interested at all, and just wasn't helpful what so ever! I asked what to do, all they said was, we don't know!
    they said that it was the mapping to why it wont pull, I know 100% its not because its run fine for the last 12mths!
    they then said that the diesel wasnt contaminated with oil, I know 100% it is because ive seen it!
    they then said its because theres no DPF in, I know its not because its been fine for the last 12mths
    then they said theres nothing wrong with the injectors because there machine dont throw a fault! - from experience i know this isnt true! these injectors are part mechanical and not full electrical like a common rail. And also cant fully test them without taking them out!
    The then said that they could tell just be looking at my car its been messed about with!
    Then they said its not worth spending on because it would end up costing more than the cars worth!
    Then they said theyve road tested it! NO WAY they have, because the car is seriously lacking pulling power!

    I just keep getting bulls@it off them! Think I may write to Audi UK.
  5. RobbieWebs

    RobbieWebs Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Agree with Sliced, try going to another dealer and letting them have a look or a decent vag/audi Indy specialist m8 :)
  6. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Typical I'm afraid. Dealer uses something called guided fault finding, which relies on there being a fault code. They have no idea how to setup the injectors. We see LOTS of 170's and have to retorque and set injector clearances, we haven't seen a single one that has been done at the dealer properly. This is down to the method they use, which is completely wrong :( You should also get the EGR deleted, these give a lot of issues. With injectors setup, EGR delete, DPF delete these are fast, reliable, economical cars.

  7. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    Do they use a dial gauge?
  8. davsmith64

    davsmith64 New Member

    Well, Before the car went to Audi it had dpf & egr delete done. But I took it back to the tuners to put it back to original. So I know for certain its not remapped. Infact I could send you a copy of my CMD / BDM flash read. I am a mechanic by trade but didnt want to let on that I am to audi. I knew that it wasn't showing any fault codes before it went as I had it on various machines inc VCDS. But I am pretty certain that its the injectors that are faulty. But audi are relying on a fault code. To which I told them that they are mechanically driven injectors & not common rail injectors! But it was like talking to a brick wall talking to a woman who knows nothing about cars and is just padsing messages. I know my diesel is contaminated because I was going to change the filter and saw the black diesel and didnt bother and took it to audi. Knowing that the injectors are still under warranty. The car doesn't missfire but its as though the injection limit has been set to around 40mg if u get me? It hits a huge flat spot and just wont pull. If u want a copy of my BDM flash file I will send it u mate.

    Also Audi then told me that they had tested the injectors and they are fine. So I asked them how. "On our audi diagnostics, mr Smith. " I know its impossible to do a test on a pd injector whilst still in the engine! I asked them if they removed the injectors. They said no. Lol. Then they said the have test drove the car and theres nothing wrong with it. They are just constantly telling my lies!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013

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