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Audi GSM prep with Bluetooth and NO MF steering wheel.

dik Apr 23, 2006

  1. dik

    dik Member

    Right, I`ve read the manual and it doesnt help.

    I have an MDA Vario, it detects the Audis bluetooth connection and the radio Beeps when connecting and disconnecting.

    When the phone rings, the radio, mutes, displays phone, and once finished turns the radio back on.

    BUT. I have to use my phone normally, i.e. not hands free but against my head. Surely I can use the phone as hands free? Couldnt see a mic in the cabin though.

    The manual says to pick up the phone using the MF steering wheel button (havent got any) or the PTT button on the cradle (havent got one - just the basic stub for a cradle).


    Do I have to buy an adapter or can I just use it fully handsfree as it is?.

    The manual is useless for this.


  2. d5aul

    d5aul Member

    There should be a cradle attached to the bracket on your dash, the cradle will need to be specific for your phone, you should then be able to use the phones buttons to accept & make calls.
    The Mic is possibly concealed in the dash, in with the front centre speaker is a popular place.
    However the phone does not need to be in the cradle to work, My phone (nokia 6230i) normally stays in my pocket, works fine.
    Whilst making a call, try adjusting the volume control on the radio, it may just be that the volume has been turned right down & you can not hear anything.
  3. It's probably your phone, is it on the supported phone list? Your phone should work over bluetooth, but not all phones do. I would check your firmware level of your phone, also the phone module you have may be an old revision that doesn't pair well. I only install C, F or M modules as these provide the highest functionality. Some of the early cars have A or D modules. D are ok, but A's are rubbish.

    Also for reference the mic is installed in the lighting dome, look above your head for a small grill in the lighting dome 1"x1/2"

    This list of phones has been tested in the UK & US with an EU or US RNS-E . Your results may vary due to firmware issues with the phones etc.

    So far paired and Hands free profiles with GSM commands for...

    SE K608i
    SE K700i
    SE K750i
    SE S700i
    SE W800i
    SE T68
    SE Z540
    Nokia 6021
    Nokia 6111
    Nokia 6230
    Nokia 6230i
    Nokia 6280
    Nokia 6310i
    Nokia 6800
    Nokia 6822
    Nokia 8800
    Nokia 8801
    Motorola Razor V3
    Motorola L6
    Motorola SLVR L7
    Motorola V550
    Siemens S65
    I-Mate K-Jam (firmware dependant)
    Samsung P300
    Samsung A900 (firmware YL10)
    Cingular 2125 Smartphone (HTC Faraday) (Orange C600?)
    MDA Vario
    Treo 650 (firmware dependant)
    Blackberry 8700c

    Phones that worked, with Hands free, but not the GSM commands (PDA phones mainly)

    SE 910i
    Nokia 7710
    Nokia N70
    Samsung D500
    Samsung D600
    Motorola MPX220
    Qtek 2020i - Flakey
    Sprint Audiovox PPC6600

    Phones that found the Interface ,but no pairing at all:

    T-Mobile MDA II
    O² XDA II
  4. dik

    dik Member

    well mine is on the list - MDA Vario ..

    I`ll check out my firmware, etc..

    To confirm, my phone is in the first list, which is high compatability..

    That means full handfree.. i`ll try again, maybe brute force will do it! LOL...

    thanks for the info

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