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Audi full service history.

crypric23 Sep 16, 2009

  1. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Non-payment would still get my vote.

    I can't believe that you have the audacity to complain that it took so long for the money to arrive. The extra costs incurred were not agreed at the point of sale. He then agreed as a goodwill gesture as far as I see it. There would have been nothing wrong with him changing his mind. Bearing in mind the comments from others in this thread you should be thankful that he didn't.
  2. crypric23

    crypric23 Never satisfied

    I agreed to send a cheque on 16 th September @ 19.25 PM check your messages , SO AGAIN MORE LIES

    Although forgetting to mention you had DECLINED my offer of an instant paypal payment

    Not at any point in the thread did i say i would not be making the payment.

    I have been nothing but up front since day One.

    You know what , i am fed up with you.

    You see , I know exactly how your mind works.

    You think

    " Oh i have not received that cheque yet " ( again totally forgetting about the postal strike )

    Next you think :

    " Right ill go back with this ridicules idea that the car does not have FASH "

    So you join a forum to find out other peoples opinions on what FASH actually means , hoping you are right , because you live in dream land.

    To your shock you find that I have already asked the same question, you assume that everybody else is wrong & you are right , because you live in dream land.

    Then you post a load of nonsense back at people , and lies about me.

    You then see my reply and feel in some sick twisted way of justifying your comments , say it has taken a month rather than apologise.

    The only thing here that needs a full service is your head , attitude and manners.

    Not once have you apologised and frankly i think you are a very very rude and strange individual.

    I would like to say all the best , but i would not mean it now you have left me with a bitter taste.

    One thing i have learnt from this experience is that i should not expect the same respect , honesty and courtesy that i offer.

    From you any way.



    personally speaking i think you have been to good in all this and i applaud for your restraint. qwaudi if you sell the car on in future, i suggest you set up your own small dealership and offer warranties before selling it on, after all it is what you expect as a private buyer so lets hope you would offer the same to a potential buyer.

    Peace out
  4. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    Crypric23 - Hats off to you for making any sort of payment to this guy. You are a very genuine guy indeed :hi:
    In fact, overly genuine.

    If I were you i'd recall the payment for two reasons:
    1) You should never have agreed to pay it, as the situation is very simple and very much not your fault. What happened is just one of those things that can happen when buying privately used. and...
    2) Even after paying the buyer STILL wants to moan about how long it took, even though obviously no fault of yours.

    Stuff him. Try and call the money back through paypal.

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